Community Groups exist to transform lives that create new groups and more disciples for God's glory.

We invite you to join with us as we reach out into our community to share Jesus. Community groups are founded on the belief that the people are the church and that we are not contained to the confines of the church campus. We desire to use our homes as ministry outposts for the kingdom and invite people into the fellowship of the King. 

3-Way Focus

Our ministry is focused on three pillars of discipleship. We have teaching opportunities during Sunday School, Wednesday nights, and other Bible study hours. We have weekly preaching of the Word on Sundays and other special occasions. We apply these through reaching into our community and the world. Community Groups provide a great context to reach our community for the Lord through the relationships we build.

Reaching into our community to share Jesus.

Encouraging community within our church family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the commitment?

• We’re asking for a 6-month commitment for host homes. This means that you can either continue all year long or decide to take a break during a particularly busy season.

What curriculum is available and how do I find it?

• Each group will have the liberty to tailor their curriculum to the needs of the group. Leaders are not expected to prepare a lesson and teach. You will have access to hundreds of video-based studies to watch and discuss with your group through RightNow Media and other resources. Some groups may also use discussion questions based off the morning sermon.

When and where do community groups meet?

• In our homes throughout the community on Sunday afternoons and evenings. For example: you could meet at 6 pm if you’re used to that traditional timetable for Sundays or you could meet at 2 or 3pm and have the rest of the day free. It’s up to you and your group. There may also be the flexibility to meet at other times during the week if it is best for the group, but the idea is to be consistent and committed to the time.

Who would I invite into a group?

• There’s nothing wrong with inviting other church members into your group (this will do nothing but build community within our church family!). However, these groups are built upon the idea of reaching our community. Ideally you would seek to invite people that aren’t active in church.

• Think about all the people you interact with each week. Whether it’s newcomers to church, people you meet at the grocery store, families of your children’s friends at school or sports team, or your co-workers and neighbors. These are all opportunities to show them the love of Christ through a friendly relationship.

Is childcare available during community group meeting times?

• Although we encourage children of all ages to participate in the group discussion, this is not always practical or preferred. Each group will evaluate the needs of the participating families and plan accordingly.

• This could mean that one volunteer each week watches the children in a different room or house; or several groups could coordinate their meeting times together to share responsibilities for childcare.

What is the process for connecting people into groups?

• Both formal and informal. If you’re looking for a group we can help direct you to one that would be a good fit. Otherwise, it is left to the individual group members to reach out and invite new people to the group.

• At the beginning of each new 6-month term there will also be an opportunity to form new groups and change groups as necessary.

What is involved with being a host home?

• Open your home to guests once a week for 1 ½ hours. You simply need to have enough space for the group to be in one space together. Some homes may be large enough to facilitate multiple groups.

• You will also need a strong internet connection if you’re using the RightNow Media internet streaming option.

• Keep it simple. Snacks, drinks, etc. are optional.

What is involved with being a group leader?

• We’re not necessarily looking for teachers, but people that can simply facilitate discussions. Leaders will help to keep the discussion positive and productive, keep to the schedule during the meeting, and coordinate the curriculum to be used.

• Leaders will meet other basic requirements such as an active relationship with Christ, church membership, and agree to adhere to our doctrinal statement. Training on leading a group and group dynamics will be provided.

• They are also expected to follow-up with group members and communicate with the Community Groups pastor.

What does an average week look like for a community group?

• Meet in a host home for 1 to 1 ½ hours each week. This includes time for fellowship, prayer, video lesson (or other curriculum), and discussion time.

• Groups may also use their time together periodically for a service project in the community or a fun activity.

• Build relationships, grow spiritually together, and seek to multiply your group through transformed lives.